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Somos una empresa española dedicada a la importación y exportación de productos ibéricos. Especias, aceite de oliva, miel y mucho mas...!
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Edible nuts

IBERPRIME associated with a group of expert companies in nuts, has available a large variety of nuts of Iberian origin, with a quality capable of satisfying the most demanding customer.



Spain is the second largest producer of almonds, but concerning quality and taste it is the first.
Its geographic and climatic characteristics, allows the growth of certain almond qualities, that are only found in Spain.

Marcona almonds are the best known variety. It is a round, sweet and with a reduced percentage of almond bitterness. It is the most commonly used quality in the preparation of pastries, but when fried and salted is also an excellent snack. It is recognized as the highest quality almond worldwide.

Largueta almonds have a long shape, pointy and hard-shelled variety. It grows throughout the valley of the Ebro, from Zaragoza to the provinces of Lleida and Teruel. Its skin, so easy to peel after being toasted, makes this almond a great snack.

Valencia almonds are the common name for a mixture of different high quality almonds. Its sweet flavour and versatility makes this product an indispensable ingredient in your desserts.

All qualities are available:
With skin (natural almond)
Blanched (without shell and skin)
Processed (in sticks, meal, sliced or diced).


Iberian pine kernels:

Pine nuts are frequently added to rice, salads, meat, and vegetable recipes or baked in bread, cakes and desserts.
The Iberian pine kernels are the best. Harvested and prepared in the traditional way and dried at the sun.
Our pine nuts are known by its long shape, crunchy texture, creamy colour and intense flavour.

We can also offer you hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, but due to the reduced quantity availability, please contact us for more information.